jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012


stands for clocks, crowds, calories, classes, carbs, countdowns, clouds, closed, cabbage, cactus, chemistry, cancer, cannabis, cars, carrots, caves, catastrophe, cats,  conflict, confusion, caution, car crash, clinics, cliff-hangers, coaxed, cleaning, civil wars, cigarettes, cholesterol, choices, corny, careless, cahotic, cheat, clumsy, cold, crap and cynical.

but also stands for cookies, Chloé, coffee, cocoon, cabs, Chanel, crackers, Cara Delevigne, cheescake, cinammon, cream, Casablanca, cities, catwalk, Central Park, call, California, candy, carefree, Chuck, capuccino, coconut tree, coats, crush, Chanel, clementine, crêpes, classic, cinderella, Christmas, chocolate, chimeny, chat, childhood, chef, cherries, cheering, concerts, cheeks and chatter.


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