martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Exchanging words in the open space and smiling with every i love you sent. Plans and promises and more plans and more promises until we reach a point of emptiness and nostalgy. Pretending everything is fine, avoiding telling the other something that might make him feel like the most lonely,dreadful person in the world. Jeaulosy, questions, ignorance, anything to make feel hurt, or who knows even worse, at the youngster waiting in the other side for a little mention about how pretty she looks, and how no matter what, he loves to talk to her. Up to a point where anything deserves a forced smile, and not giving a fuck about the promises made, not so long ago. A    simple 'hey' may change everything, and the impotence of knowing you can't be with him in any meaningful way, or even your name to cross his mind every now and then, can become eternal afternoons of agony, and rain not always coming from the sky. And the worst of all this is, the people affected by this sudden changes in your mood, are not always two. So find the one that makes you smile when you feel like nothing else could go wrong. And that he continuosly tells you how much he loves you, and how beautiful you are everyday. The one that when he introduces you to his friends claims: "Yes, this is her. And she is mine"

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